How To Set Up A Kids Play Area for Friend Time

We agree friend time really is the best (ok... slumber parties are up there too). Plus, it’s made even better with a play area that’s fun, safe and filled with exciting toys and fun furniture like a Kiddoz Couch from Chromcraft Home.

If you’re scratching your head about the best way to set up your kids’ play area, then take these tips from Chromcraft Home to heart.

Space, Space, Space!

Your play area doesn’t have to be as expansive as the milky way: it’s better to leave that part up to your kidz’ imaginations. However, those somersaults, cannon balls and ninja rolls need somewhere to go, right?

Thankfully, a Kiddoz Couch enhances the play area and can be used with all the toys and games your kids have. It is easily folded and stored to maximize the use of space. The result is a perfect play space for your kiddoz and their friends to play, create and yes, even clean up in the spirit of fun.

Include Comfy Seating for Rest and Relaxation

Creative play is hard work, and there’s always that moment where the most creative individuals on earth, kidz, need a breather. The good news is that our Kiddoz Couch is the best place for a play area nap.  There’s really no kid’s playroom furniture more apt for a nap than a Kiddoz Couch.  Then when the rest time is over, your kidz and their friends can get back to mountaineering, sailing the high seas or practicing their Olympic gymnastics routines.

Kiddoz Couch: Fun Reimagined

Kiddoz Couch by Chromcraft Home is a kidz friendly, kidz approved, fun place to exercise, relax and play. We use the highest quality foams and materials to create a soft, comfy couch with the perfect feel and the durability to last through years of inventive adventures. With a Kiddoz Couch your kidz and their buddies will stay active, inspired and can be creative for hours.

 Some awesome benefits of a Kiddoz Couch are:

1.   The Back Bolsters are designed to create sturdy yet comfortable building blocks.

2.   Our Back Bolsters have a patent-pending “Slot-Pocket” to hold iPads, tablets, touch screens, books etc.

3.   We exclusively offer monogramming for your Kiddoz on the Back Bolsters to personalize their very own Kiddoz Couch.

4.   The soft micro suede covers are available in many colors to coordinate with any room decor.

5.    Additional covers are available for purchase to update the look or for a change of scenery.

6.   The covers are easy to spot clean or when needed, they are machine washable.

7.   Fast and free two-week shipping is always welcomed.

8.   Kiddoz Couch comes with a one-year warranty

9.   Our Kiddoz is equal parts comfy, cozy, portable and creative.


You can shop our Kiddoz Couch product line here,  read our FAQs, or contact us at (662)-562-8203.