3 Imaginative Kids Play Area Ideas

When it comes to a child’s imagination, the sky's the limit. Really, your kidz capacity for creativity is nearly endless. Their open-ended, imaginative nature is what inspired Chromcraft Home's new Kiddoz Couch; part toy, part configurable playroom furniture.  Once they have a Kiddoz Couch in hand, it’s unlikely your kids will need much more to keep their imagination active. However, for mom and dad’s sake, here are a few great ideas and themes for a room to match the inventive and adventurous potential of a Kiddoz Couch.

Use Bright Colors

Color is crucial when designing a creative space for your kids. Paint the walls with their favorite vibrant colors to catch their eye and spark their imagination. Because our Kiddoz Couch can be purchased in 14 fun and bright colors, you might want to consider painting your children's play area color to match or one that complements our Kiddoz fabrics.

Personalize it With Names And Images

What better way to make your kidz feel that their play area is really theirs than for them to see their names or favorite images all around it. These could be hand-drawn on walls, raised letters mounted on desks or storage cabinets. Our personal favorite— names and initials monogrammed onto the back bolsters of a Kiddoz Couch using our monogram machine.

Add Comfy Seating

There will be moments where your kids are jumping, running around, and building fantastical forts and speed racers. Then there will be moments when they need a break to replenish and relax. By placing comfy seating around the play area, you’ll strike the perfect balance between encouraging activity and relaxation. And The good news is, there’s really no kid’s playroom furniture comfier than a Kiddoz Couch from Chromcraft Home.

Kiddoz Couch Makes any Play Area the Best Place to Be

Since 1937, Chromcraft Home has been dedicated to providing the best furnishing for homes of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to our commitment to quality and design ideas, we are recognized as one of the USA’s best providers of the dining room and casual furniture. Our dedication shines through every single product we make, regardless of whether it’s something designed for your dining room or a kid’s playroom.  Besides being the most fun furniture toy on the market, our Kiddoz Couch features some amazing benefits for play, work or rest.

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