Where To Find the Best Kids Play Area Furniture Online

All year long the Kiddoz Couch is your kiddoz best playmate. 

Summer, winter, spring and fall ... the Kiddoz Couch has it all! 

Whether it’s for playtime, creative time or rest time, Kiddoz Couch completes any play area in your home. 

Find this great play area furniture at Chromcraft Home’s website - www.kiddozcouch.com  


Couches Aren’t Just for Sitting Anymore

Well, as far as kidz are concerned, they never really were, right?  Kids love to create their own play environments.  So, with a little help from a Kiddoz Couch, they can turn that boundless energy into a pirate ship, airplane, a fort... even a magic carpet to create dozens of imaginative adventures.  Built from the coziest, softest foam with each section upholstered in a smooth, tough microsuede fabric, our Kiddoz Couch is designed to withstand the active and creative play that usually wears and tears on traditional couches.



Kiddoz Couch: Always Fun  

Kiddoz Couch by Chromcraft Home is a kidz friendly, kidz approved, fun place to exercise, relax and play. With a Kiddoz Couch your kidz will stay active, inspired, and can be creative for hours.

Some awesome benefits of a Kiddoz Couch are:

1.       The Back Bolsters are designed to create sturdy yet comfortable building blocks.

2.       Our Back Bolsters have a patent-pending “Slot-Pocket” to hold iPads, tablets, touch screens, books etc.

3.       We exclusively offer monogramming for your Kiddoz on the Back Bolsters to personalize their very own Kiddoz Couch.

4.       The soft microsuede covers are available in many colors to coordinate with any room decor.

5.       Additional covers are available for purchase to update the look or for a change of scenery.

6.       The covers are easy to spot clean or when needed, they are machine washable.

7.       Fast and free two-week shipping is always welcomed.

8.       Kiddoz Couch comes with a one-year warranty

9.       Our Kiddoz is equal parts comfy, cozy, portable and creative.

You can shop our Kiddoz Couch product line here,  read our FAQs, or contact us at (662)-562-8203.