3 Creative Children’s Furniture Ideas

Sure, kidz imaginations don’t need much to blast off, but as far as we’re concerned, a little help never hurts. Neither does building the most awesome playroom outfitted with the best and most creative children's furniture. But don’t just take it from us. We’re quite sure your little ones will agree that these three ideas will help put the “play” in “playroom”.

Modular Sofas

Part coach and part toy, a configurable sofa like our Kiddoz Couch is a playtime game changer. Literally—the possibilities for play with it are limited only by kidz imaginations, so basically limitless! Better yet, they’re cozy, storable, and most importantly, encourage your little ones to think outside the box, whether they’re plopping down on it to watch their favorite shows, turning it into a trampoline, or stacking it as high as a mountain to climb. 

Fun storage

As if you couldn’t already tell, at Kiddoz Couch, we’re all about playing. That said, we know the importance of the words “clean up”... almost as much as kidz dread hearing them. But what if we told you clean-up time could be fun, and what helped your little ones make it that way? What might happen then?

Nifty storage like treasure chests, secret cubbies, and easy to move, configurable furniture can turn clean-up from a bore into a trip to the candy store (figuratively speaking, of course).

 A Napping Nook

Well this one’s not exactly about play, but at some point your little adventurers are gonna need to snooze. For this (and much more) a Kiddoz Couch is perfect. Its soft foam base and velvety covering were designed with naptime in mind...after playtime is over of course.

Kiddoz Couch: Playtime Has Never Been So Good

There’s a reason Kiddoz Couch by Chromcraft Home is quickly rising to the top of kidz wish lists nation-wide. Our configurable children's couches are the perfect place to exercise, relax and play. We use the highest quality foams and materials to create a soft, lush sofa with the perfect feel and the durability to last. With a Kiddoz Couch your kidz will stay active, inspired, and can be creative for hours.


Some awesome benefits of a Kiddoz Couch are:


● The back bolsters are designed to create sturdy yet comfortable building blocks.

● The back is flat so things can be placed or stacked on it.

● Our back bolster has a patent-pending “Slot-Pocket” to hold iPads, tablets, touch screens, books etc.

● This sofa offers embroidery for extra and there is a round pillow that can be bought as an accessory. 

We exclusively offer monogramming for your Kiddoz on the Back Bolsters to personalize their very own Kiddoz Couch.

● It is equal parts comfy, cozy, portable, and creative.

● The soft microsuede covers are available in many colors, can be spot cleaned or are totally washable. Additional covers are available for purchase to update the look or for a change of scenery.

● It is easy to clean and its covers are machine washable.

● Fast and free two-week shipping is always welcomed.

● Kiddoz Couch comes with a one year warranty.

You can shop our Kiddoz Couch product line here,  read our FAQs, or contact us at (662)-562-8203.