Set Up a Safe and Fun Exercise Area in Your Home for Kids

If there’s one thing kidz love, it’s to move around constantly. That basic need to run, jump, dance and flail around is simply part of their DNA. And part of being a parent means channeling their energy in safe and healthy ways, whether it's happening outside, or indoors.

When it comes to setting up an exercise area for kids inside your home, here are some pro tips from Chromcraft Home.

The Kiddoz Couch is infinitely Configurable

Unlike typical sofas, our Kiddoz Couch is ideal for a fun exercise area for kids in any room. Your kidz can build it into endless configurations like ramps, slides, jungle gyms, ladders, and more. What makes it even better, The Kiddoz Couch is soft, comfy, and safe to run, jump and climb on. Whatever their physical activity may be, the Kiddoz Couch will work for your whole family.

Include A Comfy Rest Area

After playtime, the Kiddoz couch can be quickly transformed from an exercise area for kids, to a quiet and comfortable area.  Our patent-pending Slot-Pocket can hold a tablet, phone, or book for your kids to enjoy screen time or reading.

Don’t Forget The Snacks

Healthy, nourishing snacks and hydration should be a great part of rest time. Your Kidz will enjoy, and you don’t have to worry because the Kiddoz Couch can be easily spot cleaned or washed. 

Kiddoz Couch: Exercise Reimagined.

Kiddoz Couch by Chromcraft Home is a Kidz-friendly, Kidz-approved, fun place to exercise, relax and play. Backed by nearly a century of experience in the Home Furnishings industry, Chromcraft Home stands for quality. With a Kiddoz Couch your kidz will stay active, inspired, and can be creative for hours.

 Some great benefits of a Kiddoz Couch are:


1.   The Back Bolsters are designed to create sturdy yet comfortable building blocks.

2.   Our Back Bolsters have a patent-pending “Slot-Pocket” to hold iPads, tablets, touch screens, books etc.

3.   We exclusively offer monogramming for your Kiddoz on the Back Bolsters to personalize their very own Kiddoz Couch.

4.   The soft micro suede covers are available in many colors that coordinate with any decor.

5.   Additional covers are available for purchase to update the look or for a change of scenery.

6.   The covers are easy to spot clean and when needed, they are machine washable.

7.   Fast and free two-week shipping is always welcomed.

8.   Kiddoz Couch comes with a one-year warranty*

9.   Our Kiddoz are equal parts comfy, cozy, portable and creative.


You can shop our Kiddoz Couch product line here,  read our FAQs, or contact us at (662)-562-8203.